The curriculum overview requirements below are based on those required by the Yoga Alliance for registration. This program will offer more than these minimum required hours for each training module, with a total of more than 200 training hours.

Curriculum Overview

100 Min. Hours of Technique: In Technique modules, trainees will learn, memorize, and instruct a set sequence and also the skills necessary to creatively and intuitively build onto that sequence. Trainees will learn to teach alignment, modifications, benefits, contraindications, and Sanskrit for over 70 postures during daily Asana Workshops.

25 Min. Hours of Methodology: In Methodology modules, trainees will participate in a series of lectures and discussions like: How to structure a class and the importance of time management; class priorities & boundaries; teaching to special populations; Cueing, Observation & Assists; Business of Yoga; etc.

20 Min. Hours of Anatomy: In the Anatomy modules, trainees will learn about the basic planes & body parts; energy bodies (for example the Chakra System); and anatomy in asana (how we make shapes). There will be ample opportunity for Q&A, discussion and exploration through movement.

30 Min. Hours of Philosophy: In Philosophy modules, trainees will learn to develop their voice and lead conversations about the philosophies of yoga. Focuses for these conversations and lectures will include things like: Ethics; Lifestyle & Diet; Ayurveda. We will explore and interpret the Yoga Sutras and introduce you to the Bhagavad Gita. Trainees will also participate in a Community Service Project as an introduction to the importance of Community and Karma Yoga to the practice of teaching yoga.

10 Min. Hours of Practicum: Trainees will have opportunities throughout the training to practice teaching to one another. The purpose of this time is to build confidence and help trainees find their voice as instructors. A final practicum will take place on the last two days of the training. Each participant will be required to teach a one-hour yoga class to the other trainees and will receive feedback from the group and trainers.

15 Min. Hours Personal Study & Practice: Trainees will be given ample time to study and practice on their own and with other trainees for final exams.

Detailed Curriculum


Techniques, Training and Practice – 110 Hours

  • Meditation & Pranayama: Principles & Practice – 12.5 Hours
  • Trainer Lead Practice: Daily practice led by Teacher Trainers – 20 Hours
  • Mysore Practice: Trainees practice set sequences on their own – 7.5 Hours
  • Asana Workshop: Trainers break down and teach individual poses – 35 Hours
  • Independent Study – 30 Hours
  • Test Prep: Yoga Technique – 5 Hours

Methodology – 30 Hours

  • Teaching Styles – 4 Hours
  • Structuring a Yoga Class – 1.5 Hours
  • How Learning Occurs – 1.5 Hours
  • Teaching to Special Populations – 4 Hours
  • Cueing, Observation, Assists and Refinement – 4 Hours
  • Voice & Language – 1.5 Hours
  • Business of Yoga: Business Structures & Legal – 1.5 Hours
  • Business of Yoga: Marketing your Yoga Business – 2 Hours
  • Business of Yoga: Studio & Mindbody Platform – 1.5 Hours
  • Independent Study: 6 Hours
  • Test Prep: Methodology – 2 Hours

Anatomy – 20 Hours

  • Basic Planes & Body Parts – 4 Hours
  • Energy Bodies – 4 Hours
  • Making Shapes – 4 Hours
  • Anatomy Understanding and Q&A – 6 Hours
  • Test Prep: Anatomy  – 2 Hours

Philosophy – 38 Hours

  • YTT Self-Care & Time Management – 1.5 Hours
  • Karma Yoga – 10 Hours
  • Ayurveda – 3 Hours
  • The Yoga Sutras – 3 Hours
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga – 2 Hours
  • The Yamas & Niyamas – 3 Hours
  • History of Yoga Movie/Discussion/Homework – 3.5 Hours
  • Ethics of Yoga – 2 Hours
  • Understanding the Bhagavad Gita – 2 Hours
  • Yoga Diet & Lifestyle – 3 Hours
  • The Cultural Evolution of Yoga – 1.5 Hours
  • Guest Speaker: Yoga Philosophy – 2 Hours
  • Test Prep: Yoga Philosophy – 1.5 Hours

* Highlighted modules will be open to the public for individual registration!

Practicum – 40 Hours

  • Student Lead Practice: Supervised student lead sequences – 12 Hours
  • Teaching Practice: Supervised practice teaching to other trainees – 14 Hours
  • Independent study and practice teaching – 14 Hours

Independent Study – 27 Hours

  • Students will read, study, or practice teaching and technique for approximately 1 hour daily.

Required Reading List:

Note: If you have a different translation of the Yoga Sutras that you love, please feel free to bring that version with you instead of the one we have recommended here.