5 Reasons I LOVE being a yoga teacher

headstandIt’s been an inspiring week of teaching classes! During my time connecting with students and teaching them to breathe and move this week, I felt inspired to share with you why I LOVE my job!

  1. Helping others is a blessing and passion of mine. I find myself most fulfilled when I am being of service to others. I always wanted to work to make a difference but the first few avenues I took in social services weren’t sustainable for me. As a teacher I can avoid burnout, nurture my creative side and be constantly learning.
  2. I get to live and work in alignment within my values. I had sales and customer service jobs before and out of a desire to do my job well I did what was asked of me, however sometimes this left a feeling in my tummy that I just didn’t like. If simplicity and minimalism are a part of my values, I can bring that to my life and my classes. There’s nothing I have to “push” in yoga classes. I can simple practice my yoga on and off the mat, sharing my spiritual beliefs & personal practices for those who are interested. I don’t have to convince anyone to do or think anything. I just offer what works for me and they are welcome to take of leave it.
  3. Yoga keeps me healthy, happy and accountable. As a teacher it is imperative to teach from a place of experience. This means that I have to have my own daily practice. I need to take time to connect with myself, mind body & spirit before trying to share that with anyone else. Sometimes I feel lazy or lethargic, but a sense of duty to my students as well as the recognition of what a privilege it is to be a teacher, keeps me dedicated and disciplined in my practice. Over the years I’ve experienced the immense impact a daily practice has on my quality of life and am grateful to stay with it.
  4. Travel! I love to explore. There are countless places across the globe I’ve been honored to teach at and I hope to wander to many more. From yoga festivals, to hosting retreats & teacher trainings, yoga’s universality & minimalism make it accessible all around the world. Why not combine work & pleasure?
  5. I’m my own boss. Self employment is an empowering & exciting adventure where you guide your own journey. I decide where, when & how often I teach. I manage my time with flexibility creating a work/life balance that’s optimal for me. I work with people who appreciate me and teach the styles of yoga that fit us best. I don’t have to do it all or know it all, I simply follow what feels right and let the rest fall into place.

Do any of these things inspire you to follow this path as well?! Join us in Seaside, Oregon from August 1-31, 2019 for our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and make teaching yoga your future too!

~Laura O’Reilly

Why should I choose Seaside Kelowna Collective’s YTT?

There are A LOT of yoga teacher trainings out there. They vary in price, place, style, duration, designation & most importantly, quality. So before you commit your time & money to any program, we suggest you do your research & find the best fit for you. Here’s what makes Seaside Kelowna Collective’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program stand out:

Small Class Size: Did you know that some yoga teacher trainings have 30-150 people? In a training that size it’s easy to feel overlooked & overwhelmed. It’s not likely that you’ll get to really connect with everyone, nor will the facilitators be able to support you the way they could in small setting. Our 12 person maximum means you’ll get the attention you deserve and practice teaching time that you need. You won’t have to fight for your turn or feel intimidated by numbers. You’ll have the opportunity to develop close friendships your fellow YTT pals and facilitators, & you’ll experience the love & connection of growth within your new yoga community. Smaller numbers of cohorts mean you’ll have every opportunity to run things through your body, try them out, & practice sharing them with others. Questions, feelings & feedback will be shared with undivided attention & you’ll know that you’re a part of it.

Well-rounded, Well Organized Program: Did you know that, in general, yoga schools have the freedom to do and teach whatever they want? If these schools aren’t registered with the International Yoga Alliance, there are no real requirements or governing boards to ensure that you receive adequate training. As a registered yoga school, Seaside Kelowna Collective takes your education seriously. Our program is designed to give you a well-rounded introduction to yogic methodology, philosophy, anatomy, technique, ethics, and more. As an RYS200, our responsibility is to ensure you are equipped to:

  • Direct bodies safely & effectively.
  • Teach a variety of styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative.
  • Teach to a variety of demographics including those with diverse needs.
  • Teach Meditation & Mindfulness techniques.
  • Guide Pranayma & breath work exercises.
  • Incorporate yogic philosophy & practice into your classes and your daily life.
  • Find & create yoga work that fulfills you.
  • Sequence classes intelligently & with intention.
  • Understand the history of yoga and it’s progression in the modern world
  • Help others by doing what you love.

Detailed Manual for future reference: One thing we always look for when engaging in further education, is a great manual. Having taken many trainings with & without them, I can tell you there’s a massive difference in the quality of content & how much is learned when a proper manual is implemented. When programs take the time & put the work into creating a great manual, their instruction follows its course, and everyone benefits. Schools that don’t offer an organized manual do work, but often the administrators and instructors fly by the seat of their pants or make last minute changes to the curriculum to suit their needs. At Seaside Kelowna Collective, we put student education first & we’re committed to giving you the highest quality programming. We won’t just send you home to read stuff. Yes, you will have material to read through on your own first, however once you’ve reviewed the information, we’ll discuss and expand on that learning and work through it together. We’ll workshop postures, discuss philosophy, practice yogic lifestyle choices – in essence, we’ll absorb all information through practical application so it’s in your body of experience. You’ll have your detailed manual for years to come and it will come in handy any time questions arise in your classes or you want to reference knowledge from your training.

Business of Yoga Specialization: Did you know that most yoga teachers are self-employed, independent contractors? It’s true! And while running your own business & working for yourself can be absolutely empowering, it’s part of your training that shouldn’t be ignored or under-impressed.  If you want to do the work you love, then you’ll need to start by knowing how to get/create it. Our facilitators are both studio owners with a knack for business savvy practices; they consistently create prosperous & fulfilling yoga work and want to teach you tools for doing the same. We’ll discuss how to get experience as a brand new teacher, how to get your yoga business up and running, important rules of thumb for marketing, and they’ll open their toolboxes to share with you all of their best practices for success, as well as ways to avoid repeating their blunders.  

Ongoing Support: The majority of teacher trainings allow you to graduate, and then send you out into the world to do you own thing. If you want to continue learning with them, they usually suggest another program or mentorship you can purchase. This is great for those who have the means, however, at Seaside Kelowna Collective, we want you to continue feeling supported from the moment you graduate and for years to come. We offer ongoing support through our private social media group to keep you up to date with any changes & developments in our industry as well as an annual get-together where you can reconnect with you fellow yogis and bring any questions and experiences that you want to discuss. I always tell graduates that they have me in their back pocket & I love hearing about their progress over the years. It’s a wonderful feeling to receive emails & phone calls from teachers growing on their journey & who continue to trust me with supporting them.

You get to Live in two Beautiful Water Towns and be Fully Immersed in Yoga: Seaside & the Okanagan are two very popular places to visit out west. From an abundance of natural beauty, to vineyards, farmers markets & loads of local charm, you’ll love your time spent in these two peaceful havens. When we take a chance and explore new places, we simultaneously open ourselves up to new experiences. Change, growth & awareness can happen in massive ways over short periods of time. Giving yourself the gift of being fully immersed in your YTT experience, will change your life in ways you hadn’t imagined.

So there are my top 6 reasons to treat yourself to this wonderful and immersive experience! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at seasidekelownacollective@gmail.com and we’ll help you find the right fit for you. We look forward to sharing learning, love & a fun-filled YTT experience with you soon!

Namaste,  Laura O’Reilly  ~RYT500