5 Reasons I LOVE being a yoga teacher

headstandIt’s been an inspiring week of teaching classes! During my time connecting with students and teaching them to breathe and move this week, I felt inspired to share with you why I LOVE my job!

  1. Helping others is a blessing and passion of mine. I find myself most fulfilled when I am being of service to others. I always wanted to work to make a difference but the first few avenues I took in social services weren’t sustainable for me. As a teacher I can avoid burnout, nurture my creative side and be constantly learning.
  2. I get to live and work in alignment within my values. I had sales and customer service jobs before and out of a desire to do my job well I did what was asked of me, however sometimes this left a feeling in my tummy that I just didn’t like. If simplicity and minimalism are a part of my values, I can bring that to my life and my classes. There’s nothing I have to “push” in yoga classes. I can simple practice my yoga on and off the mat, sharing my spiritual beliefs & personal practices for those who are interested. I don’t have to convince anyone to do or think anything. I just offer what works for me and they are welcome to take of leave it.
  3. Yoga keeps me healthy, happy and accountable. As a teacher it is imperative to teach from a place of experience. This means that I have to have my own daily practice. I need to take time to connect with myself, mind body & spirit before trying to share that with anyone else. Sometimes I feel lazy or lethargic, but a sense of duty to my students as well as the recognition of what a privilege it is to be a teacher, keeps me dedicated and disciplined in my practice. Over the years I’ve experienced the immense impact a daily practice has on my quality of life and am grateful to stay with it.
  4. Travel! I love to explore. There are countless places across the globe I’ve been honored to teach at and I hope to wander to many more. From yoga festivals, to hosting retreats & teacher trainings, yoga’s universality & minimalism make it accessible all around the world. Why not combine work & pleasure?
  5. I’m my own boss. Self employment is an empowering & exciting adventure where you guide your own journey. I decide where, when & how often I teach. I manage my time with flexibility creating a work/life balance that’s optimal for me. I work with people who appreciate me and teach the styles of yoga that fit us best. I don’t have to do it all or know it all, I simply follow what feels right and let the rest fall into place.

Do any of these things inspire you to follow this path as well?! Join us in Seaside, Oregon from August 1-31, 2019 for our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and make teaching yoga your future too!

~Laura O’Reilly

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